Vaporizer for medical cannabis


Now days, patients with prescription to medical cannabis, do not need to manage smoking, and inhale toxic combustion products, so as to relish the cannabis.
There’s a good subtitue, and it’s called vaporization כשיר אידוי.
To be able the vaporize the good components of the medical cannabis, we could use a vaporizer.
A vaporizer is a simple electronics, which run hot air through floor cannabis.
The consumer then inhale the hot air, and the results is vapor, which has the active ingredients of the cannabis, with no smoke, bad flavors, or toxic chemicals, that are found in tobacco.

How does a vaporizer work?

Vaporizer is an electric apparatus, handheld or static, which create hot air.

When warm air in the perfect temperature is hitting on the herbaceous plants, it makes the herb release the active ingredients.

Which vaporizers offered for sale?

There are plenty of vaporizers in the marketplace – some are mobile, and some are stationary.
Now, the leading trend is that the portable vaporizers.


Should I smoke, then use petroleum, or vape?

When using oil orally, the result is delayed, and that’s not great for instant pain relief.
Then, we are left with smoking VS vaping.
Both approaches get the effect quickly (5-15 minutes).
When comparing vaporization to smoking, obviously there isn’t any benefit to smoking.
It’s bad for health, and may be avoided by simply using a vaporizer.

Which portable vaporizers are advised?

The advised mobile vaporizers today are for the most part by ATMOS or Storz & Bickel.
Atmos is top the vape-pen market, and usually they offer the low end alternatives, for the light users.

For patients who use medical cannabis on a daily basis, the Storz & Bickel products are recommended.

The Crafty and Mighty vaporizers would be the most effective portable vaporizers on the market now, palms down.

Where can I find these vaporizers?

Among israel’s finest headshop is Rolling Stoned.
They have all the new vaporizers, and the service is great.

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