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As a consumer, I want to be treated with respect from retailers I regularly purchase from. I also want to feel as if I matter to them, and I am not just one more registered customer or identified by an order number making purchases. As a business owner, it is important to recognize that customers today have a positive and meaningful relationship with their brands of choice, shop frequently, and they use this sense of comfort to make recommendations to their friends and family.

Sadly, the clear majority of retailers today are far behind when it comes to recognizing that building these relationships is paramount to online business success. Never underestimate the power of people. As business owners, especially eCommerce retailers, we need to work on building intimate relationships with our customers. Purchasing from an online retailer has the downside of no human interaction, and while some are okay with the impersonal relations of today’s cyber world, many others want to feel special. How can we override this? How can we cybernetically replace the smiling face of a cashier or a sales person? How do we reward our customers for being faithful to our brand? Simple: pamper your customers.

Buying from your online store should make customers feel special, should leave them with an overall sense of “I love this place,” and a deep desire to come back to support your brand and continue shopping because they liked what they saw, what they bought, and how smooth the process was. To build a solid relationship, retailers must treat it no different that developing relationship with your friends and family: is there passion, commitment, and intimacy.

When looking at passion, retailers should see it in terms of enthusiasm for your brand, your values as a company, and your products. Commitment to a retailer is based on the loyalty that customers have for your brand and the prospect of their returning to make more purchases. When looking at intimacy, retailers must measure the disposition of their customers to share information and how interested they are in learning more information about your brand. When looking to create solid, deeply devoted relationships with customers, retailers must look at all three. Why? Because devoted shoppers will support their favorite brands by recommending them to family and friends, which fosters intimacy, passion, and commitment.

The question is how do we, as retailers, encourage growth and intimacy with our customers. Well, first you must figure out why you are not progressing towards those devoted relationships. Are you rewarding your customers? How about a surprise? Customers love surprises and it helps build intimacy. Are you properly communicating with your customers? Are your marketing and promotional materials conveying your message accurately? Are you treating your customers with respect? Do they trust you? All these matter.

Anyone who has had a meaningful lasting relationship in their lives knows that passion, commitment, and intimacy are paramount to achieve long-term relations. It works the same way with online retailer/customer relationships. Trust and respect are essential components to build a solid clientele, and crucial for success. Use your tangible life emotional knowledge to help create real brand supporters who are deeply devoted to you because you reward them in return. If you adhere to these practices, you will have happy customers who are eager to advocate for your brand because they feel as if they are part of your family.Moving in style and skull fashion online is what every single individual is looking for. But if you want to move in style and fashion you need some accessories to get up like fashionistas. Jewelry for the women has been present in the market for many days. But it is exquisite to find a perfect piece of jewelry for the men in the market. Men used to be very rough and tough in nature. This factor also plays an important role for not having the amount and the collection of jewelry for the men like that of the women. But now days have changed.

In the present day, jewelry has been made for the men too. These are the funky jewelry that has been made by the jewelry designers in such a way that you can you wear it with style and attitude. This jewelry is not contemporary. If we look at the history of the funky jewelry, then it has been found that the jewelry was used by the people who have an association with the rock bands. In the present day, the jewelry design has been changed, and you can find the skull rings online in various ranges.

We will now look at the reasons that why these jewelry has become so popular among the people of different ages in different parts of the world.

This jewelry will give you the power

Men are the symbol of power. Their physique has made in such a way that they can power up the things that have not been made by the women. Men of all ages naturally bore the power of strength. The rings that have been made only for the men show the strength that they bore. It has been found that the men who wear the jewelry that has been made with the designing of the skull give them the strength to do the things in a manly way. It has also been found that many people have gained the confidence to move in style and attitude by wearing the rings. Many people have also found success by wearing these rings on their fingers.

These rings comes in variety

People used to look for those things that have a variety. If there is no variety, then the product is not for market use. If you buy the skull rings online, you will get a variety of ranges in design to choose from. These decorative designs are made by the jewelry designer from all around the world. It has been recommended that if you want to look sporty with high in fashion and attitude, then you must look for the rings that could fit into your fingers. You can also wear these rings in the ear too. But the design of the rings has been made especially for the people who have been associated with hard rock bands. The earrings will give them the rock look that has been needed by them.

Move in style by wearing the rings

People will look at you when you move in style. People used to wear many things to grab attention in the crowd. But only wearing attires does not make any sense to grab attention in the crowd. You must wear the funky, stylish jewelry so that other people make attention to you. The craftsmanship of the jewelry has been made in such a way that it will bring out the style. By wearing this jewelry, you will gain the confidence to move in style.

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