De-Branding A Retail Store

When it’s your only shop or you’re the franchisor, and it’s one of the franchisees shops, closing a shop may have an immediate effect on the overall brand. Although it’s never a pleasant situation, the way youmanage the final can have an impact on the rest of the stores and their own brandnew changement adresse carte grise.

I am confident that many have driven with a closed shop that still gets the emblem signs intact along with other branding signage. It’s an eyesore, speaks badly regarding the performance and gradually erodes the new value if left unaffected. If or not a shop is functional or not, a sterile storefront is harmful. So as to keep the integrity of this go-forward brand, an individual can’t simply lock the doors and walk away from the shop. The way the franchisor or a multi-unit operator oversees a de-branding is occasionally as vital as how they handle a grand opening.

Through time, I have been a component of several grand openings and regretfully, many shop closures. Even though a grand launching goes out of a “vanilla box” into a retail shop in a matter of weeks, then a correctly de-branded shop should go from a completely functional retail shop to a “vanilla box” at under a day. In the end, a whole de-branding essentially erases the shop in the retail landscape until customers are even aware. The quicker it could be “out of mind”, the improvement of the new going forward. Some retailers also take this a step farther by de-branding through the night to decrease the monitoring of this procedure by clients.

NOTE: In some situations, a shop closed could be “repositioned” and recognized as a “store relocation” – leading existing clients to the closest shop with signage and marketing. This allows for the operator to keep current clients and gradually migrate them to a different shop.

Store de-branding isn’t a simple process and usually an allocation of up of 40 to 60 man-hours could be asked to correctly de-brand the shop (based on the shop layout and structure).

Product inventory ought to be taken out ahead of this de-branding crew coming in addition to unplugging all gear – that is particular noteworthy in the event the gear is refrigeration.
Schedule a truck to reach the shop on the de-branding afternoon to take all gear, secure, POS apparatus and furniture to desirable location. Inventory the stuff.
Remove all gear in shop. Inventory the stuff


Rough paint all partitions at the shop covering whatever may communicate the “image” of this new – like, but not limited to: special tile, paint colours, texture, shapes, etc..
Remove all hardwood flooring and all tile floors.
Remove all counters and counter foundations.

The team should arrive with all the following crucial items for de-branding:

The ethics of the brand is preserved through appropriate picture. Closing a shop without correctly de-branding it, casts doubt in your performance and the general brand. When it could be much easier to just lock the doors, your manufacturer will rust in the view of your staying customers. Although it’s most likely not the most pleasurable experience for a merchant, the sharpest multi-unit retailers haven’t allowed their new image erode supporting a wall of weeds. If a person spends the time to de-brand a shop accurately, the brand could continue to prosper.



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